Blogging the Truth

There is no reason why your post should be a rubbish, there is definitely something worth telling the world about. Writing just for the sake of writing is meaningless; meaninglessness is what made the lost generation to be called the Lost Generation. The pointlessness is lethal, the nada is deadly. There should be at any length a purpose in writing a piece of something that gives meaning to it.

The Concept of Prison as Society’s Punishment

Punishment as a notion is as old as humanity, referring to religious sacred books. Even though during the XVII century or a little bit earlier came into active action some movements and organizations, mostly secret ones like masons and their derivates, which made possible the secular world in which we are leaving, could not ignore the religion punishment tradition or otherwise considered dogma. Therefore, as a kind of punishment, prison remained an active activity of human life, and still continues.

Giving an End to a Torture or Live with It

Torture is an intense feeling of suffering. This suffering can be spiritual or physical. Giving an end to a torture is something that everyone under its influence wishes to get rid of it in any way possible and tries to go away from it as soon as possible. In other words, what we all agree upon is the fact that torture is and suffering in general makes life miserable. However, there is something that we do not have unanimity; it is the fact that how we should deal with it.